Meet Our Culinary Visionary!

Chef Leah Dubois leads culinary vision, innovation and sourcing at Life Alive with a sensibility for tasty, high-vibrational, conflict-free offerings mixed with creative twists on classic cuisine.  Chef Leah combines her personal style - a passion for healthful options and vegetable-based cuisine - to create a mission-focused, ethically-sourced, luscious concept to feed the world’s vitality.

Having trained at such culinary destinations as Toro (Boston) and Nicole Farhi (New York City), Chef Leah gained prominence as the executive chef at Grezzo, Boston’s first fine dining/raw vegan restaurant. Her creativity earned raves and she shared her specialties as co-author of Raw Food for Everyone (Avery/Penguin, 2010).

A native of Cape Cod, Leah has studied business and environmental science at SUNY Binghamton and Santa Monica City College. She has had the privilege and pleasure to work with some of the industry’s top chefs.