Our higher purpose is to energize the vitality of all living beings and the planet.

Our Positive Eating

We started Life Alive in 2004 to serve vibrant, organic whole food in a welcoming, stress-free environment.

We knew we were onto something when we consistently heard from guests that our meals filled them with the energy needed to power their day and our cafes served as an urban oasis to relax and recharge.

This set us on the path to explore the powerful connection between what we eat and how we feel. Over the past twenty years, the more we’ve learned about people, food and mood, the more it’s clear that what we eat is central to living the way we want to live it—filled with energy, optimism and simply feeling good inside and out.

This notion led us to the powerful belief that eating positively—in a way that fosters joy, nourishes your body and respects the planet—is a delicious path toward living positively.

It’s also why, in a world of rushed assembly lines and salad bars, we run a chef’s kitchen. Where every hearty warm grain bowl, flavorful salad, protein-filled wrap, steaming bowl of noodles and nutritious smoothie is chef-crafted and scratch prepared to order. And every thoughtfully-sourced organic ingredient is there for a reason.

We invite you to grab a comfortable seat and discover the uplifting and freeing power of eating food you crave, that also fuels the life you crave.

Life Alive. Eat Positive. Live Positive.

Our Values

Our core values guide our actions—both large and small—as we aim to empower our customers, team members and partners to actively participate in our higher purpose.


We believe that we are all connected—with each other, our communities and our Earth. It is our responsibility to take care of, respect and protect one another.


We encourage our team members and guests to be their most authentic selves. We practice universal love and respect for all people regardless of defining characteristics.


Life Alive is your platform to engage with our mission, our community and our civics.


Life Alive is your place to eat positively, demonstrating a conscious dedication to a healthy body, mind and spirit. Here, we encourage you to be present for yourself and those you encounter.


We strive to be accountable to one another, to our mission, and most importantly to our best selves.


For the good of one another and our society, we set the intention to selflessly serve more than food, but to meet the universal need for connection and care.


Above all, we aim to spark joy with our beautiful, delicious, 
thoughtfully-sourced cuisine and authentic human connection.

Life Alive x Down Under Yoga

We invite you to experience the Wellness Collaborative, bringing together Life Alive’s fulfilling food and Down Under School of Yoga’s world-renowned classes in one uplifting, stress-free space. Now in Harvard Square and Boston’s South End.

To celebrate the powerful connection between how we eat, move think and feel, those who sign up for Down Under's YogiPass receive 20% off at any Live Alive cafe. Learn more about YogiPass.

Harvard Square Wellness Collaborative

South End Wellness Collaborative