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Awesome Veggie Place in Cambridge!

Writing this review of Life Alive from over 2,000 miles away is a challenge as my mouth is watering just thinking about my recent lunch. This place is off the charts good! I’m hooked after one visit and will definitely be back. I recommend that you download the menu before you go so you are ready to order when you get inside or you will be overwhelmed by the choices (if you are lost on what to order, I really liked The Adventure bowl).
Tip: this place is crazy busy, so try to avoid high times like Noon-1. We ate at close to 2 PM and there was a line.
— Aria K

The atmosphere is wonderful! I feel almost instantly relaxed when I walk into the doors. The music and smells of Life AliveSM cafe create the serene atmosphere!
— Autmn

This is the most awesome place ever in the world!

The food was delicious! Great find no need to change a thing!
Dream: more places were not out there like this!
— Vali

You all have been an inspiration to my lifestyle change - - I seek health in everything I do now. I love walking in and knowing that you care about what I am feeding my mind, body and spirit. Walking into Life AliveSM cafe is like being given a big hug. I love you...
— Katrina

This place ROCKS! I am moving to New York City to open a yoga studio and I will miss this wonderful place very much. I think...
you should open a place in New York City. There is an old luncheonette space that is closed and available for rent— right under our studio.
Perfect for Life AliveSM cafe, NYC!
— Nanci

So tasty, filling and good for you!
Come to Olympia, WA
— Cheryl

This is a start of wonderful things in our world. I hope to see more of
things like this as we move into the future!
— Nathan

I feel like I’m treating myself when I eat here ... I cannot believe it’s so
good for me! The staff is amazing...and so is your whole space.
— Linda

I come here when I’m feeling down and I always leave feeling better.
There is a really nice, healthy feeling here that rubs off on me. Thank
you. Will you come to Boston so I don’t have to drive so far though?
This place is my heaven... so few places are.
Thank you for being here and being like sunshine on a rainy day.
Thank you for introducing me to wheat grass and brown rice and making eating food a blissful, yet simplified experience!
— Brigit

Thank you Life AliveSM cafe. You represent the best, the distilled essence of
healthy, pleasure-filled living. You are making it possible for
those of us with busy, irregular schedules to get proper food and
nutrition. Many, many thanks!
— Joseph

My DAD is eating HEALTH FOOD!!!
And he loves it!!! Thanks!
Everyone is so nice!
— Dani

I’m obsessed with Life Alive Urban Oasis & Organic Cafe®! Thank you for being here and offering this food and the feeling of peace. It is a great place to be.
— J

I love and thank Life AliveSM cafe for getting me healthy. I was hospitalized
twice in a three week period with GI issues. They wanted to put me on medication but I asked for a chance to get healthy without them. Instead, I ate here every day until I got a clean bill of health from surprised GI specialists. Thank you Life Alive for a healthy me.
— Renee

This is the best place EVER!!! I stopped through with the kids on the way from Connecticut to Exeter and they loved it too.... AAAAH!!!!
— Seth, Miles and Eli

I’m addicted to healthy food! I can’t believe it! Can you open up closer
to me? I can’t handle driving 45 minutes to Lowell more than I already do! I know Salem would die for your food....

I just moved to Lowell and I’ll only be here for a few months. I couldn’t believe when I found you. You are an oasis! Thank you for being a little piece of San Francisco and Oberlin Ohio (my two home towns). Also, you rock the kale! I’ve never liked it, but after the Goddess, I’ll be giving it more of a chance. I’ll be back here daily till I’m gone.
— Franny

I’ve learned a lot from eating here. Everyone who works here is great.
Whenever I’m sick, this place is a cure all. I love it and I hope you
open another one up in Allston where I live. It would do very well in that town.At last, I can find a safe haven where I can dine and finally feel nourished. Shame that there are not more places like this.
— Howard

Please come to Cambridge.
I commute here to get my yummy health food on...
— Happy Customer