Life Alive Chef Inspired Nourishing Meal Packages

Heightened Awareness Collaborative Style, $75 nourishes 5 guests

You choose:

  • One Warm: Goddess or Swami.
  • One Salad: Mystic Mountain or Explorer.
  • Dessert included. 

Individual Personalized to your Taste, Playful, Creative, $15/guest

You choose:

  • any warm bowl, salad or wrap.
  • Dessert included. 

Compassionate Gratification Collaborative, $100 nourishes 5 guests. Create your destiny.

You choose:

  • Any one warm meal.
  • Any one salad.
  • A growler of Kombucha to share
  • Dessert included.

Mindfully Composed Platter of Wraps
$150 nourishes 10 guests

You choose ten

  • Any grilled, salad or warm wraps (or mix it up)
  • Dessert included

Add on a growler of Kombucha. $20 quenches 5 guests.

Lovingly Transported and Creatively Displayed for $30

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